The nectarines

Delicate and light

Nectarine , or “pesca noce” (nut peach), is different from peach (it has a velvety skin) the difference is in the skin (smooth and shiny).
It is rich, like its sister, in sugars, organic acids, and provitamin A. It has a low caloric content (27 Kcal/100 g) and it presents a fleshy and juicy texture, due to high water content. Nectarine, skinned varieties in both yellow or white, has a firm, sweet and very fragrant flesh.
The main reason for its commercial success depends on its smooth skin, as it is preferred taste with respect to the peach, especially to young consumers.
Verona 's nectarines distinguishes itself by skin color. It's a more intense and brilliant then the other Italian and European varieties.
Furthermore the pulp is firm, juicy, and it has a peculiar taste.

Nectarines origins

Nectarines , like peaches , originated in China more than 2000 years ago and were cultivated in ancient Persia , Greece , and Rome .
Nectarine is a peach and not a cross between a peach and a plum , as was once believed .
It has to be made clear on how nectarines are not obtained by human hands , but they are generated by themselves spontaneously , due to casual mutations in peach trees ; it is not rare to find nectarines on peach trees and vice-versa .