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Product, process and organic: a Quality warranty!

BRC and IFS: they ensure safety and quality criteria satisfaction to respect law conformity and to guarantee consumers protection.
GLOBALG.A.P.: Good Agricultural Practices for the development of the best production technique in fruit and vegetable production. It includes the management of: Traceability; Environment ( management of soil, waste, environmental impact); Product (used pesticides, irrigation and harvesting techniques); Health and safety of workers.

EEC Regulation 834/2007 (organic): processing, storage and marketing of plant products from organic agriculture, with respect to the agricultural ecosystem and exclusion of GMOs. The organic practices thus preserve the quality and naturalness of the product but also environment’s health, reducing the release of waste and enhancing biodiversity.
GRASP: defines the minimum criteria for good practice in the social sector, particularly for farms, and allows farmers to address important social issues by creating awareness within the company.

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Focus on the customer and on the quality of the product

Frutta C2 merchandized product is as important to us as it is to the customer. The optimized process is a fundamental importance. As far as concerns, in particular, field production, Frutta C2 has mainly focused most of its efforts in spreading GLOBALG.A.P. directives.

Priorities of Company's Quality Policy are:
• Adjusting Company strategy in the perspective of a complete Quality Assurance, in compliance and respect of the laws, and respect to the environment;
• Cooperating with customers to define products, to form the services needed, and to identify with consumer requirements;
• Making use of qualified and certified suppliers, which must be able to ensure constant quality productions;
• Systematically seeking enhancement and optimization of production and management process organization, to always avoid waste of resources whenever possible.


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